hello blog!

I haven't been here in a while!

Thankfully, it looks like snow is over in NH. We may get a flurry tomorrow or Friday, but as long as it does not affect my commute or wearing ballets, I am happy. I have begun to take a personal stand against the weather by wearing flats as much as possible, and rolling my pants up. My ankles may be cold, but my heart is not!!

Last weekend, I passed my Bodycombat training module. :)

I appear to have a crazy sparkle in my eye! Also, the room was FREEZING anytime we were not working out. And sometimes, even then!

It was an extremely gratifying weekend - I was kind of skeptical about the mentally and physically challenging descriptions I would find, but it really was. Every lecture was immediately relevant, and the workouts were always intense. The Warriors challenge, a tabata workout, had me crying by the end. I would fall onto my mat, and get right back up.

Our instructor, Angel Santiago, was amazing. I have had classes with a few different instructors, but he will always be near the ultimate of what I think a Les Mills instructor should be.

I walked away with a pass, which means I can submit my video after co-teaching 4 times. My current plan is to learn the rest of BC 55, practice practice practice practice, begin co-teaching after the release at my club, and submit in the third week of May for assessment. :)

I am excited for where this will take me in my own personal journey - I want this to be more than something I signed up for that one time. I want to feel that magic which comes from having my back to the mirror more and more. Maybe I will try Bodypump training someday?? Or Zumba!

General body/workout things though... I gained about 2" all over since I moved. I realized this one day, when I put on a shirt I thought should fit, but didn't. It was somewhat of a hard thing for me to look at, because I viewed my weight-loss from last year as more of a 'lifestyle' change, and lately I have been sinking into old habits. I am trying to combat this by getting back into a gym routine. Signing up for Bodycombat instructor training has helped with this a ton! My current schedule is kind of.... Sleep -> House items -> Work -> Gym -> Zonk out. (Today is a rest day, because it is Jack's birthday!!) I am taking Bodycombat, Bodypump, and doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer. I will modify the Jamie Eason program at times depending on time and how I am feeling.

This is a bit of a rambling post, but we'll see what my next one is like. Hopefully more direction!