New Years Resolutions

I decided to give a lot more thought this year to my resolutions. I've been reading a lot of others resolutions in trying to figure out how to frame mine- I want them to be definite, not vague. There doesn't have to be a goal, but I want to know how I will complete it. I want my resolutions to build up around how I want my life to be, and how I want the best possible version of myself to live. In no particular order, my New Years Resolutions are:

  • Only buy non-necessities one day a week. I am a HUGE feelings-shopper. I very easily over reach with online shopping, and it has been a big problem in the past. It isn't now, but I feel it creeping back sometimes. My amazon wishlist is growing by the day! I would like to get to the point where other than non-necessities, I only do real or online shopping on one day each week. This way I'll be able to give a lot more thought to my purchases. Obviously, there will be times this is not feasible (as there is with everything) but I think this mindset will help me to be a more thoughtful shopper.
  • Be able to do the splits by my birthday. Or at least determine that it isn't physically possible. I told myself I was unflexible so much throughout my life, mainly from my inability to touch my toes. But that changed this year! I got really into yoga and now I am way more flexible than I used to be. I have always admired gymnasts and ballerinas, and while I don't think I will be doing this any time soon, I hope to get the front splits in my flexibility repertoire. More yoga is the answer here. :)
  • Write more. I saw this first over on Antiquarian Miss, and I am using it! Since moving, I have started writing a ton. I journal, I blog, I write little notes on pictures... Because this is something I have never done before, I need to make an effort to stick with it. To do this I will make sure I always have something accessible for me jot down what I want to remember. It's helped a lot to just keep my journal places I'm at normally, and I think using the journal jar I talked about in my last entry will also help me with this resolution. 
  • Photograph more. I want to determine my style, I want to take more pictures of people, tell more of a story. Learn actual direction. I have written down in my 101 things to do in 1001 days that I want to take a photography course... I really like e-courses, and I think I will look for one focusing on lifestyle photography. I have started carrying my big camera everywhere with me so that I can start thinking of what I look at differently, and remind myself that if I want to remember something, I can! I hope to archive my photos well so that years from now Jack and I will be able to look back with our kids or something and say 'this is when Mom first moved in!' 
  • Be healthier. Healthier in body, and spirit. Do, rather than say. Create more. During my relax period at the end of my practice a few weeks ago I got into my mind I want to fill my life with more inspirational energies- more clarity and brightness that is less from the consumer grind and more based on what I will truly value, and what helps me build myself into well, me. Simple things, like moving away from fast fashion, or leaving objects around that will guide and inspire my own personal course is how I hope to achieve this. 
  • Read 30 books. This is pretty simple.. I've also started listening to Audiobooks! I just finished Divergent by Veronica Roth, read by Emma Galvin and loved it. I am listening to the Maze Runner now, and not nearly as interested. But I will continue! Audible is also having a really great $7.95 sale right now I'm sure I will dive into. And wait until my purchasing day to get something!
A subset to all of these - Prepare yourself to succeed. Saying you want to do something does not mean it will be done. Put time in your day for it. If you want to learn a new language? Plan to spend 3 hours throughout the week, actually schedule them, and sit down. Be one step ahead of your own procrastination. For me this making sure I carry my camera with me, keeping a packed gym bag in the car, filling the fridge with healthier snacks.... Surround yourself with the tools you need to accomplish your goal. I was reading Tara Stile's Slim Sexy Yoga which I got as a Christmas gift, and she mentioned she leaves a yoga mat out at all times to inspire her, and be able to practice with minimal effort. 

Make what you want readily available, and achievable. 

We'll see how this year goes, and I might add more to this list. I plan on putting it up in a pretty font so I can print it and put it into a frame next to my bed- constant reminders of what I want to do help a lot as well! :)


  1. Your resolutions are great! Can I steal them? lol Ehh I guess I should put some effort into a list..."make time in your day" right,? :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes! I always borrow resolutions haha

  2. Great list! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to take your advice and plan my time out so I can keep my resolutions.

    1. Thank you!
      I find it helps me so much- I like to see the visual blocks in my calendar as well.

  3. Your resolutions are wonderful! Good luck <3