Sunday pictures!

Jack and I have been marathoning Supernatural! I never saw past season 4, but I did see the finale for 5 so I was pretty ready to jump in for season 6. We're on an episode with dragons, which is really cool!

I did pick up my new lens yesterday and I am still getting used to it, but here's some pictures from the past day or two:

No picture post is complete with out photographing available cats.

Our Christmas tree, with some meager ornaments! I need to get a tree topper still.

Cat picture #2.

More ornaments- just plastic ones we got at Wal-Mart.

Did the whole DIY faux snowglobe project! I really like how it came out- I forgot that I had glue so I just taped the trees to the lid. We'll see if it lasts!

The best cat picture of the bunch.

My new cupcake calendar from ModCloth, with my old calendar from MochiThings behind it.

I was only able to find two trees... So only 2 snow globes.

Our kitchen wall was super blank, so I threw this up and it actually added a lot of dimension to the room! The template is a free printable which you can find here

Tonight we're going on a double date with some friends, then I'll probably be taking a bath with one of the Lush bath bombs I picked up a few weeks ago to get all relaxed before I go back to work.

This week I intend to bring my gym bag with me every day, so I'm more motivated to go to the gym after work. For at least 30 minutes! Cardio + weights. :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful photos! Those snow globes are amazing!!! And I love the banner in your kitchen.

  2. what lens did you get? a prime lens, maybe a 50 mm or something? the bokeh is so pretty. i love your faux snowglobes…we've got all the fixings to make them too so hopefully we'll get around to it soon. and yes, hopefully your tape holds! if not, you can always glue it later. : ) your tree looks so cute too. i love seeing all the photos people post of their trees this time of year. every single one makes me so giddy!

  3. Your decorations are lovely! I really like the DIY snow globes.

  4. You take the most amazing pictures! Please tell me you took a class or something to learn! haha

  5. I love your snow globes! Such a cute idea. =)

  6. Yay to double dates! And these pictures are perfect, love all of these decorations! And your tree looks gorgeous!
    xo TJ