Goals for my break from work:

  • Clean the ENTIRE apartment
  • Empty the fridge
  • Spend time with both cats alone
  • Take some pictures
  • Wrap some presents
  • Sing some christmas carols
  • Edit lots of pictures
  • DO THE SNOW DANCE. I really want some snow. Driving in it is the worst thing, but if I do not have a white Christmas I WILL BE SO MAD NEW ENGLAND!!!!
  • Cook this really awesome looking pumpkin cinnamon overnight pull-apart french toast. 
  • Have a spa day. My Christmas present from Jack was my own mini Lush-haul, so between bath bombs, scrubs, steams and face masks I think I'll do my body lots and lots of good. 
  • Finish season 2 of Teen Wolf. Sterek fandom is hilarious and got me watching the show. I love it :)
  • Catch up on blogs!

In terms of cleaning, the living room is mostly done. We had some maintenance guys in over the week to fix some spots on the ceiling, and the spray they used left little spackle dots on EVERYTHING. Well, in most places it's just a fine dust but there are dots on my laptop and it is terribly annoying. :(


  1. Lovely goals! And that recipe looks amazing<3

    Good luck and happy holidays!


    1. It iiiiis! I was about to head back to the kitchen to grab another one. :)
      Happy Holidays! :)

  2. The recipe looks delicious, if only I could cook!xx

    1. I usually don't cook at all... It came out really well though! For my first time making dough from scratch it wasn't that difficult. :)

  3. Those are some lovely goals :D I'm behind on blogs too...it's rough this time of year!
    Enjoy your time off! <3

    1. And mostly accomplished! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. <3 :)