the past few weeks favorite things! 11/25/12 - 12/29/12

I haven't done a collected links post in a while- I've been adjusting to my new work job, experiencing away-from-home-for-the-holidays-sadness, and got way too backed up. I was going through a lot of my liked posts and felt like sharing them, so here we are again! Some of these posts aren't recent at all, I just happened to find them the past few weeks.

diy x this faux polaroid frame is wonderful! Since getting my Instax I have fallen in LOVE with the look of instant photos- I think this will be an easy way to get it without spending $14 on 20 film pieces and allow me to easily decorate my fridge in the process!

e-course x fitocracy founders are hosting a free e-course on developing and keeping fitness habits! It goes from 1/15/13 to 1/24/13. I love using Fitocracy when I go to the gym to log my workouts, so I'm going to set a reminder for myself to check this out!

diy x this bokeh camera hood/filter is great! I love the look of adding hearts and other designs to my photos. I don't have any black card stock but will probably pick some up this weekend to do this. I've also been wanting some pretty paper punches so this works out well! (Have to remember to hold to my one day of superfluous shopping rule!)

recipe x in love with this cinnamon roll coffee cake with cream cheese glaze recipe from Averie Cooks! I used her Overnight Pumpkin Cinnamon French Toast with Vanilla Maple Butter for Christmas morning and it came out great, so I am excited to try out some of her other recipes. May try this out tomorrow morning if I make it to the grocery store today. 

fashion x i am starting to change my closet direction a bit, and posts like this one on closet staples is always a good starting place!

funny x this post on being super blogger brings a smile to my face!

diy x since I got a new sewing machine for Christmas I have been looking for some sewing projects, and I really like this lace scarf tutorial. I need to make it over to a fabric store so I can pick up supplies!

art x love this feature from Pony Chops on Art and Ghosts. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

photos x in love with these pictures of frosty plants! Now that I live somewhere where it gets cold enough for frost to build up, and for there to be snow I find it all even more beautiful.

photos x this is a great feature on Cari Wayman, a photographer who takes the most gorgeous photos in lots of different abandoned places. A really great find.

diy x love this project from Free People, a Dream Jar! I think it will look great on my nightstand. I also posted about this in my New Years Resolution post from yesterday.

diy x how great is this paper umbrella painting tutorial? I don't think there is really room in my life for paper umbrellas, but I may adapt this to lanterns or doilies or something.


  1. Just spent like a half hour on this post hahaha. So many wonderful things!