looking to the stars

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One of my favorite things about being in New Hampshire is getting to see the stars- there are so many! Living in a city my entire life, the only time I got to see the stars was when my family went out to the desert. Now, I need only look out the window and there are so many shining in the sky. One of my 101 things in 1001 days is to learn and identify 8 constellations- I hope to add a lot more onto this, but I am really excited to drag Jack out into the backyard, or stay out late in the middle of nowhere and look at the stars. :)

KC's Rib Shack review

Saturday I got to go to KC's Rib Shack for the second time, and I feel like this place is a little hidden gem. Probably because I had to park in some mud- they have the smallest parking lot! We went at a really busy time, with a large group- 5 people at 5:30. (We are the worst people.)

They were out of normal menu's, so we got the Take Out one haha. 
KC's has two floors, and both were open this time which is apparently really rare. I had looked up what I want online before hand- I am kind of in love with the angelfire-like website. I originally wanted the Barbecue Sundae (which I'm sure I'll get next time) but I went with another menu item you'll see below. 

I love the decoration of KC's- because it's the only location, and not a chain like Lucille's or Texas Roadhouse (which has the best free bread ON THE PLANET) it feels a lot more genuine. I had my prime lens with me, which is why there aren't any shots of a whole room. Well, that and I didn't want to get any other people in my pictures. 

My favorite license plate is 'KISS MY SS' (I miss my Camaro sometimes)

I have fallen in LOVE with their onion rings- they have the best batter, or something. I finished the whole basket by myself almost, it was so good. 

Jack is on a mission to find the best bacon cheese fries- he gives KC's a 7/10. His main beef (lol) is with the bacon- it was real bacon which is a plus, but it was not cooked to crunchy perfection, and was pretty sparse. He also felt the fries were a bit undercooked. However, he does say that most times he has been there they are perfection and 10/10 status. We normally go at non-peak times. 

Jack got the two choice chicken and ribs- the ribs were PERFECT. He went through them super fast. This is his normal order, and he did feel the chicken was a slightly overcooked, in contrast to every other time he's been there where it's been PERFECT. 

I had a basic sausage with dirty rice, a side of chili and cornbread. I loved the sausage and dirty rice. Mostly used the chili to dip my corn bread, which was PERFECT. :)

 We will definitely be returning to KC's Rib Shack. Probably at non-peak times! The service is great, the food is wonderful if you're in the mood for barbecue, and the prices are really really good. (Dinner for five with appetizers and some ordering large plates was a little over $100.)

If you are traveling in Manchester I would recommend checking out KC's Rib Shack! When I travel I like to find one-of-a-kind places, and I think this is an authentic barbecue place with some really great flair. (I love their Apple Tree Slatha when I get ribs.)
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things to remind me of home

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Every so often I like to go through etsy and find things that scream I AM HOME. I am not about subtle influences at all. I may have to pick up that sweatshirt now

Waiting for Jack to get home! We decided to plan out our meal this week and it went over pretty well! I'll probably expand on this later with pictures- I've had to move them onto an external, and I'm not usually at my desk so I go along time between uploading/editing. I am starting to get a teensy bit better about taking photos that aren't of cats at least. :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Happy Friday!

instagram and life lately

From left to right, by row:
1) Lush 'So White' bath bomb. I received this for Christmas, and really liked it. I was told by the SA to throw it in the tub/break it open, which I did, but I don't think it really added to the experience. I liked the scent, but not enough to make me want to repurchase. I continue my search for the perfect bath bomb!

2) Just a picture of me- I've been really into maiden braids the past few weeks. I have somewhat long hair, and this has been a really fun way to style it. I'll usually make 2 braids on each side and flip over. Pinterest hair pins are converting me!

3) Random sky shot on the way into work last week.

4) Lush Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask. I picked this up the last time I was at Lush. I really liked it, but I don't think I used it thickly enough until I was nearing the end of the tub haha. I really loved this mask, and noticed a huge difference after I used it. I think I would prefer a more exfoliating mask. Next time!

5) Petra bein' cute. Aaaaaaw~

6) Mine and Jack's name cards from Christmas dinner. :) I feel very lucky to have had Jack's family welcome me this holiday season.

7) A picture I took looking out the window at work!

8) The best coffee. How did I live without thee? I went to get gas at a station which had a Green Mountain Coffee sign at the window, but the coffee side was all closed down. It was a sad spot on a nice Saturday morning.

9) Neat tap handle over at the Manchester British Beer Company! We really like their food- and their wide selection of beer. I thought it was fantastic that they actually put real blueberries in my already blueberry beery. 

Jack and I are watching The West Wing! When I saw it on Netflix I knew it was destiny- I will finally have a buddy to watch this show with me! So great.

I think  I am holding well with my resolutions so far. I wrote them on a nice sheet of paper, framed it, and put it on top of my dresser so I'll notice it at least once every day.

Photo dump thursday!

My presentation went as well as it could have! I wasn't speaking, but 3 of our VPs and the company president were! I was in charge of all the A/V, and consolidating the presentations. The biggest problem was one group RSVP'd for 5, brought 15 attendees. When one of my superiors mentioned it my face must've fallen aaaaaaall over the floor. My boss did say that everything went great and I deserved a drink hahaha. (I will be having some delicious japanese hibachi tomorrow to congratulate myself as I am waaaay too self-indulgent.)

Below are some recent pictures - I'm not as happy with these as I have been with some of my other shots lately, but I need to keep sharing. It motivates me to take more and better! Hopefully now that the meeting is over I'll be a little less single minded.

Out in the snow! Ignore the cars in the background, please! Hahahaha. Coat is a Columbia 3 layer jacket I found at TJ Maxx. Pants are sweats because they were lined. Hair is in milk maid braids which I've been super into lately. 

Giant thing next to the window is one of our cat trees- Scritchie likes to perch on the top level to look out the window. 

Snow. Blegh.

More snow more blegh.

Finally hung the prints we got from Harshness! I picked up the frames from Hobby Lobby for ~$7/each. 11x17 frames are so hard to find. :(

This one is over Jack's side of the couch. :)

Super-glued some paper to the lid of my 'Good 2013 Memories Jar' that I through together after reading Scathingly Brilliant's post going through her 2012 Jar. It has one memory in it so far! But there will be more. I think it has something to do with cats, which isn't that surprising. 

Me looking all creepy at Petra. I started this post off with a cute picture of me, figure I can end it with a bad one hahaha. :)
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far! Anyone have great plans for the weekend that I can borrow?

Journal Jar #002

And we're back!

Random light from a bar. I wonder if they change the figures inside every season? (This is totally a great excuse to go back to the bar.)

What are you looking forward to the most?

Right now? The big meeting I've been working on for a few weeks to be over. We have about 20 external people coming in, and I'm still putting the final touches on things.... If all goes as planned I will be so happy. I just want it to be over so I can come home and enjoy a bath bomb without thinking oh god I forgot x. y. z. and these are all the ways they will destroy everything. Keeps me up at night! Last night at least.

In the long term, there are lots of things I am looking forward to. Taking my first near-perfect picture. My first snowball fight and snowman. The first time I go back home since my move. The trip home after that. The next time I get to eat a Disneyland churro.

There are lots of things I am looking forward to, but the most?

I am looking forward to that next quiet, calm moment where I am at peace, free of stress and anxiety because I'll finally be ahead of all my personal projects. It'll totally happen soon.

Journal Jar Series
In an earlier post, I talked about creating my own journal jar. As I add prompts, and complete others in my personal journal I will be sharing some responses here. Please feel free to add your own responses to the questions, or borrow for your own post!