Monday snapshots

So where have I gotten so far with my list?

  • Clean the ENTIRE apartment DONE! I am so proud. This was a huge project for me. :)
  • Empty the fridge
  • Spend time with both cats alone Seperating them makes this a lot easier. If we spend time with Petra, Scritchie isn't lurking far behind normally and still stresses her. :(
  • Take some pictures I took so many. The best are below. :)
  • Wrap some presents I had a few to wrap, and am waiting on one more to be delivered. For my first time wrapping, I do think I did okay. :) One of the items was a cylinder so I wrapped it like a holiday cracker! 
  • Sing some christmas carols
  • Edit lots of pictures Oh Lightroom, how I love thee. 
  • DO THE SNOW DANCE. I really want some snow. Driving in it is the worst thing, but if I do not have a white Christmas I WILL BE SO MAD NEW ENGLAND!!!!
  • Cook this really awesome looking pumpkin cinnamon overnight pull-apart french toast. 
  • Have a spa day. My Christmas present from Jack was my own mini Lush-haul, so between bath bombs, scrubs, steams and face masks I think I'll do my body lots and lots of good.  Got to use my steam tab and fresh face mask! Later I will probably take the most luxurious shower. :)
  • Finish season 2 of Teen Wolf.  Where is season 3?
  • Catch up on blogs! Got my bloglovin to 0 unread! Yessssss. :) Also went through a ton of blog posts on some that I had never really gotten the chance to before. (Namely, Scathingly Brilliant. So adorable!)
I did take a lot of pictures!

 This morning I got up, and started making dough. I had seen this recipe for Nutella Cinnamon Rolls on A Beautiful Mess and got into the cooking mood! They came out pretty okay... I think my lack of a decent pan and messing up the heights affected them a little. Next time I'll use more cinnamon as well. 

Scritchie hanging out, watching the TV. He loves his cat tower, and Petra won't go near it. 

They are so close to each other without any hissing going on! You can see Scritchie (on the desk) mooning after Petra. He does this a lot.

The steam tab I used. You pop it into bowl with hot water and let it fizz out while you hold your head with a towel over so no moisture escapes. It smelled wonderful and I did notice a difference in my skin. 

I've been wanting to try one of their face masks so when Jack took me to pick out my Christmas present I picked this up as well. I did not mind the smell at all, and my skin is so soft after! I hope to notice a difference within a few days in terms of clarity, and I hope it can battle some of the spots I feel under the skin. :(

This is a small project I've been working on after seeing it on Pinterest A TON. My very own Journal Jar! I started this as a possible present but am enjoying it almost too much. I am writing everything directly onto scrapbook paper, then cutting the strips. They're all in the same pad so I like that they'll match. I plan on putting a ribbon or something around the threading. 

Tonight is going to be filled with fudge making, bread marinating and possible movie watching. 

I miss home A LOT. I've been FaceTiming with my parents and grandparents a lot, but it is nowhere near the same as knowing I'll be going over to my aunt's house tonight and seeing everyone, or that I'll be waking up to my moms Christmas breakfast tomorrow. I will definitely be heading back home next year for Christmas. Jack has been wonderful though- making sure I get my tree, not complaining about my Christmas radio stations and whatnot... I may even put a Yule Log on the TV tomorrow! :)


  1. Yule log is my favorite! haha! Your pictures are usual!

    1. We had it every year at home!! I made sure to put it on to feel closer to my family haha. :)

  2. I LOVE your journal jar idea!!! I have a similar idea that I picked up from Tumblr for 2013, where I'm going to have a memory jar. Whenever I have a good memory in 2013 I'm going to put it in my jar and then look back at them all at the end of next year xxx

    1. I LOVE this. I have 2 extra mason jars, so I think I may use one for a memory jar, and then one as a 'intentions for 2013' jar I saw on another blog... Fill it with things that remind me of my resolutions and the path I want to go on this year. :)

  3. I love the pictures! And those cinnamon rolls look amazing! I hope you had a good Christmas and aren't missing family too hard. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you and thank you!! I feel lucky to have been welcomed completley by my boyfriends family... No way to avoid missing my mom though!
      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well :)

  4. lovely photos! The journal jar looks like it'll be so cute!


    1. Thank you!
      I can't wait until the journal jar is full. I really like having them all standing a bit straighter, and that the colors are all matching. It's able to be extra decoration for my nightstand!