Today in my continued pursuit of 'time management skills'

I read this article on Fast Company a few days ago - 'How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance'. At first, I didn't really feel it applied to me as I have a very structured day- I wake up early, work 8:00 - 4:30, work out 30 minutes to an hour, and am in bed by 9:30. Well, not quite Mr. Rogers scheduled, I guess.
Clearly, under the kitchen sink is not a great place. 

Either way! I took her format, and put my own schedule into it. In the process, I kind of forgot the 'Top 3 priorities' part, but I really like looking at my days and week this way. Every part needs a little push, some fun, fitness, and to get shit done!

I think this kind of format will help me to stop getting so overwhelmed all the time, and thinking that every day is 'work'. I enjoy my work! I enjoy working out, which has felt a bit like a chore lately! I enjoy reaching out to people, even though that's all 'push' stuff for me right now. I need to finish filling in some of these spaces....

What do you use to stay on top of things? I have been going through new time organization things a lot lately, and love reading others methods and incorporating them into my own. If anyones interested, I can go into my work organization. :)

Instagram lately

I thought it would be neat to throw htis up here... The past few months have been pretty regular. I've settled into a routine I'm not sure if I'm happy with? These photos go from present (at the top) to I think the beginning of March... Lately we've had more outings, and things to do at work (Service day, outing to Bobby of Boston), and before it was just routine and mundane things that I recorded. Hopefully I can move towards adding in more fun activities! 

On Sunday, Jack and I went to North Conway for dinner because we felt the need for a small journey haha. I had the most dissapointing zumba class that morning, and to cheer me up we drove three hours for a steak. and lobster mac and cheese! My mac and cheese was AMAZING. I had ~*~*Maine lobster*~*~* mac and cheese while I was out in California, but this time it was super fresh! I did not know I was a such a lobster fan. 

Random etsy favorites

2Hi all,

I've been really low on funds lately (apparently I can apply my numbers addiction to saving rather than spending?) so I've been stalking etsy for things that I wish to add to my life.... You can follow me on etsy here. I love following other users and stealing wishlist items from them! Here are some of my recent favorite shoes, accessories and clothing items:


Leather, suede, etc... and then shiny and leggings? Not sure where that came from! I have really been loving moccasins and ballet flats the past few weeks - not sure if I'm just yearning for spring while wanting to stay cozy or what. With the leather bracelet, I have been wanting a good wrap bracelet for a while, but never picked one up. I usually don't wear jewelry outside of a ring I got from Jack last year for my birthday. Dress is adorbs and would make me feel like a ballerina, and the leggings have a cat with antlers. So neat! (I love everything with cats, apparently)


My workout schedule/routine

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my fitness routine. Right now I'm working on becoming certified as a Les Mills Bodycombat Instructor! Ever since I took the class, I wanted to be in the front encouraging others. Today I got to team-teach a little bit, and it was exhilarating. (I talked a bit about the module training here.) Having the mic on, and just launching myself into the routine was a ton of fun. I am preparing to team-teach on Tuesday, and I will be instructing tracks 1 - 5!

  1. Warmup - Back In Time / Call Me Maybe
  2. Capoiera - Bad Girls
  3. Boxing - It's Time To Go
  4. MMA - Firestarter
  5. Boxing - We No Speak Americano
Woo! I have 1, 2, and 5 pretty much down but 3 and 4 are a bit intimidating. For 3, I still have post it notes up for my reps in on the wall behind the TV! (I know what I'm listening to in the car for the next few days...)

Since starting this mini-project I have noticed a total change in my body. I do work out a ton, so it's to be expected, but still surprising. I generally practice BC 5x a week for an hour, and do zumba or bodypump on the other day so I don't get burnt out. I spend my rest day scripting out and practicing my verbal cues in tracks. I've found it best if I do everything after work. I get home, put on my workout gear and gloves, and turn the living room of our one bedroom into my own little cardio center!

I hope that by June, I'm able to settle into a workout routine that looks like this:
S - Teach BC
M - Rest
T - BC? Weights?
W - Bodypump
T - Zumba
F - Bodypump
S - Teach BC

I want to get my Bodypump certification at some point as well. I think after BC, I can learn anything! Except maybe step. Step is killer.


hello blog!

I haven't been here in a while!

Thankfully, it looks like snow is over in NH. We may get a flurry tomorrow or Friday, but as long as it does not affect my commute or wearing ballets, I am happy. I have begun to take a personal stand against the weather by wearing flats as much as possible, and rolling my pants up. My ankles may be cold, but my heart is not!!

Last weekend, I passed my Bodycombat training module. :)

I appear to have a crazy sparkle in my eye! Also, the room was FREEZING anytime we were not working out. And sometimes, even then!

It was an extremely gratifying weekend - I was kind of skeptical about the mentally and physically challenging descriptions I would find, but it really was. Every lecture was immediately relevant, and the workouts were always intense. The Warriors challenge, a tabata workout, had me crying by the end. I would fall onto my mat, and get right back up.

Our instructor, Angel Santiago, was amazing. I have had classes with a few different instructors, but he will always be near the ultimate of what I think a Les Mills instructor should be.

I walked away with a pass, which means I can submit my video after co-teaching 4 times. My current plan is to learn the rest of BC 55, practice practice practice practice, begin co-teaching after the release at my club, and submit in the third week of May for assessment. :)

I am excited for where this will take me in my own personal journey - I want this to be more than something I signed up for that one time. I want to feel that magic which comes from having my back to the mirror more and more. Maybe I will try Bodypump training someday?? Or Zumba!

General body/workout things though... I gained about 2" all over since I moved. I realized this one day, when I put on a shirt I thought should fit, but didn't. It was somewhat of a hard thing for me to look at, because I viewed my weight-loss from last year as more of a 'lifestyle' change, and lately I have been sinking into old habits. I am trying to combat this by getting back into a gym routine. Signing up for Bodycombat instructor training has helped with this a ton! My current schedule is kind of.... Sleep -> House items -> Work -> Gym -> Zonk out. (Today is a rest day, because it is Jack's birthday!!) I am taking Bodycombat, Bodypump, and doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer. I will modify the Jamie Eason program at times depending on time and how I am feeling.

This is a bit of a rambling post, but we'll see what my next one is like. Hopefully more direction!


Snapped! The trees walking into work this morning - the snow we had this morning was complete 'fairytale snow' - large fluffy flakes, and sticky enough to get on every single branch. The drive in was gorgeous, but all the snow was gone from the trees by the time I left.

New adventures!

Kind of, not really. I'm not really going anywhere, or doing something I haven't done before - but still! There are new things on the horizon!

My gym,, sent out an email about 2 weeks ago saying they were sponsoring instructor training for one of my favorite classes, Les Mills BodyCombat in March and I signed up! Ever since I started going to the gym consistently last year, I wanted to become a fitness instructor. Dana, who taught a ton of classes at my old gym was a huge inspiration. Seeing her teach TKB, and Body Pump right after (yelling 'SINGLES!!!' at us with the most energy I've ever seen a person have) kept me motivated.

My goal with this is to get early morning BodyCombat classes going at one of the gyms in the chain - preferably 530 - 630 AM, 3 days a week. Their 630 PM time slots are already super full, so I think that's out, and I will have to work around my current work schedule.

Another goal I see myself focusing on, starting in April or so, is getting certified for TKB. There are no TKB classes in my current gym chain, and because there are no licensing fees for the facility, I would be able to do shorter sessions at our work gym.

The past few weeks I have been getting back in the gym, and stepping up my workouts. I was focusing on lots of cardio classes, but I will be trying to incorporate more BodyPump so I can build up my strength (especially chest and core oh my god)

I have also changed my calorie counting from being weight loss oriented, to focusing on maintenance. As I am getting ready to go through training in the next month, I need to get my body ready to be in what will most likely be the best physical shape I have been in my entire life, and I can't do that eating at a deficit.  I am having a few problems adjusting to this newfound ~*~*caloric freedom*~*~ (there was also a Friends and Family sale at Lindt hahaha) and I think I gained a few pounds, but realistically, I may have gained a pound at most, I have terrible control over my sodium intake right now, and my body is also retaining water because I haven't done a lot of resistance work for about 3 months. All my excuses, let me keep them!

Here is my workout/dinner plan for this week:

This usually gets changed up throughout the week, and I hope to start eating more fresh food. For breakfast, I normally have a bagel thin or yogurt. Lunch is a wrap, or if the cafeteria at work has something AMAZING I will splurge a bit. Last week I was spoiled with chicken marsala, beef risotto, and shrimp scampi. (We are so spoiled)

I will be posting about my instructor training/how my BodyCombat classes go over the next few weeks - I know some of my strengths and weaknesses in the class already, and hope to conquer the weaknesses as fast as possible.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


shooting stars will leave a trail for me to fill with joy and sorrow

Took this on my iPhone (edited w/ vscocam) while trying to find a vintage shop- being downtown was really refreshing. I hope Jack and I are able to move into our dream apartment there this summer!

  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos (photos have been printed! For at least two weeks! Now to do all my filler cards...)
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager
  3. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD! (lol I was so sore this morning, deleting this one.)
  4. Do Yoga in general!
  5. Drink at least 3 cups of detox tea 
  6. Eat my recommended calorie allowance  Grilled chicken and rice for dinner aw yeah. I'm going to save some for work tomorrow too.... 
  7. Organize my finances
  8. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
  9. Zumba monday night! It's really relaxed, so I'll at least be active! 
  10. Fill out my week-at-a-glance for the coming week, with cleaning, exercise, and meal plans. 
I have been really productive this weekend - 3 days at home allowed me to get on top of everything but laundry. I hope I am able to carry this over into the following weeks. I am not sure when I'll get a free day again. (laundry is the worst here. the machines are tiny, it's 1.50 for a load on each, and there are 2 w/d sets for 20 apartments.) 

I am looking forward to the coming week! The song, dreamer, which I've linked below got me all excited for life again, and pushing forward and ahead. 

current songs: eisley - please & elizaveta - dreamer


weekend update: after the storm

We didn't lose power! Yay! I ended up sleeping for 11 hours last night- so I didn't get to see any heavy snow or hear the 'howling wind'. Jack was up until 12 or so and reported back to me. I've gone through a part of one of my action items for the weekend - looking at some of the photos I've taken!

Petraaaa. I have about 30 pictures of her sitting on top of the stool she's fallen in love with. 

I love this cute post card that I got from Lush! I sadly did not make it to their party, which was today, and I'm kind of sad! I hope I can get to one of their events. I always love the experience I have in their stores. This is actually Jack's dresser mirror- I usually just put things in it. The bottom is a photo of my brother, mom and I when we went to Disneyland in the early nineties, and the top is a heart I found... somewhere. :(

What the top of my dresser looks like right now- messy. You can see my resolutions frame, and my favorite candles. I picked up that bottle of Sily Underwear on my last trip to Lush and I love it - I either put it on myself or in my bed sheets. :) In the tin is my Wiccy massage bar - it smells strong, but I like it. I put it on after workouts (if I remember) or after showers when I feel sore. 

Earlier we dug out our cars, and had to drive to Jack's parents - their back chairs had been buried! Getting to see all the snow covered yards was really neat. 

Instagram pictures from the storm... If you follow me you've seen these today! My first snow angel, me getting ready to work out in the warmth of my apartment, and me outside. The snow came above my knees at some points. I'm glad we went out to clean off our cars though. :)

So, how is my list doing?
  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos (photos have been edited! some fillers have also been printed)
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager
  3. Do Kickboxing DVD! 
  4. Do Zumba DVD!
  5. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD!
  6. Do Yoga in general!
  7. Drink at least 3 cups of detox tea (Now thinking two pots is a bit overboard - changed to 3 cups)
  8. Eat my recommended calorie allowance (Staying somewhat good with this! Happy I am not going overboard at least..) 
  9. Complete my week-at-a-glance housekeeping items, including those I have missed Yay for 15 minute cleaning bursts!
  10. Organize my finances
  11. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
This has been a strange weekend so far- I usually only have two days, so having another day is so strange! I hope I am able to get through more tomorrow.


Oh weather channel, your social media ploy is so cute

So, that's happening!

I have the day off work tomorrow- the thought of driving in during a somewhat clear morning, then having to hope when I leave I'm not caught in a ton of snow at some point wasn't too appealing. It was a good week at work though. :) I was super productive.

I think I had an episode of SAD over the past few weeks - I gained some weight. I had no motivation to do anything and ate nothing but carbs. There is more too it than that, which led me to purchasing a phototherapy lamp. I've been using it consistently for about a week now and I feel it has been effective. I have also started working out more- this week I made it to Zumba and Caribbean Rhythm. As I'll possibly be snowed in the next few days, I plan on doing a few at home workouts and living on my yoga mat. :)

So here is the start of my list for the weekend!:

  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager (if you follow me on twitter, you have heard lots about the adventures of the USS Voyager crew)
  3. Do Kickboxing DVD!  13:27, 2/8
  4. Do Zumba DVD!
  5. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD!
  6. Do Yoga in general!
  7. Drink two pots of detox tea
  8. Eat my recommended calorie allowance
  9. Complete my week-at-a-glance housekeeping items, including those I have missed
  10. Organize my finances
  11. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
I have 72 hours for these items! I will be a bit disappointed if I do not complete them. :)


Etsy wishlist finds: Strawberry vintage edition!

I have been OBSESSED with strawberry things the past few days... Here are a few of my favorite items I've found on etsy!

1 2 3 4 5 6

I have a few of these on my wish lists... I hope I am able to add some to my home soon!

My list from yesterday:

  • Visit a vintage shop (today) didn't happen, so I will try for sometime soon
  • Bodycombat (today) Was awesome! It's a bit of a drive, but I enjoyed the instructor. Happy I was able to last through the whole session too....
  • Bodypump (tomorrow)
  • Visit Lush (today) Aaaah, I went in with a list. The poor SA kept asking IS THERE MORE YOU WANT TO SEE? Her basket was already full- leave me with my purchases in peace!
  • Watch the Superbowl! (tomorrow!) Taking this off- we're probably going to stay inside so we can.....
  • Clean the apato (hahahahha) !! We've made some progress today. One of our neighbors had to move abruptly, and gave a few things to us. Merging it in with our own things has allowed for a pretty big rehaul in the kitchen!
  • Take the most luxurious bath possible! (whenever) I got a few bath bombs from Lush today- not sure which I want to use tomorrow. Ex Factor (I'm a sucker for cute things that remind me of Taylor Swift songs), Dragon Egg or the mystery one I got a while ago but haven't checked out in a while.... 
  • Revisit my favorite blogs to see how everyone has been (all weekend) I feel bad about not getting to this yet. I've been really surprised about how busy I am today - moving things around in the apartment, dishes, and watching Star Trek Voyager with Jack. We are obsessed with this show. 
  • Scrapbook! (tomorrow) I have been collecting my pictures/receipts for my PL spreads- I have about three weeks I want to complete. I've cleared off a ton of my desk so it will hopefully go pretty fast in the print/laying out area, so I can embellish a ton!
  • Visit a friend (at some point!) I hope I get to this as well- Jack and I usually double date with friends every week and we couldn't meet up this week. Sad stuff! Hopefully we will be able to next week.

My list for today:
  • Bodypump (today)
  • My normal sunday cleaning extravaganza
  • Grocery shopping (today)
  • Scrapbook! (today)
  • Clean the apato (today)
  • Take the most luxurious bath possible (today) 
  • Revisit my favorite blogs :) (always)
  • Visit a vintage shop (sometime soon)
I have been logging my food on MyFitnessPal lately- if you want to add me or anything feel free! I love reading other peoples food diary's- I get tons of ideas. :)

my list for this weekend (2/2, 2/3)

  • Visit a vintage shop (today)
  • Bodycombat (today)
  • Bodypump (tomorrow)
  • Visit Lush (today)
  • Watch the Superbowl! (tomorrow!)
  • Clean the apato (hahahahha)
  • Take the most luxurious bath possible! (whenever)
  • Revisit my favorite blogs to see how everyone has been (all weekend)
  • Scrapbook! (tomorrow)
  • Visit a friend (at some point!)
currently listening: the xx - sunset

looking to the stars

1 2 3 4 5 6

One of my favorite things about being in New Hampshire is getting to see the stars- there are so many! Living in a city my entire life, the only time I got to see the stars was when my family went out to the desert. Now, I need only look out the window and there are so many shining in the sky. One of my 101 things in 1001 days is to learn and identify 8 constellations- I hope to add a lot more onto this, but I am really excited to drag Jack out into the backyard, or stay out late in the middle of nowhere and look at the stars. :)

KC's Rib Shack review

Saturday I got to go to KC's Rib Shack for the second time, and I feel like this place is a little hidden gem. Probably because I had to park in some mud- they have the smallest parking lot! We went at a really busy time, with a large group- 5 people at 5:30. (We are the worst people.)

They were out of normal menu's, so we got the Take Out one haha. 
KC's has two floors, and both were open this time which is apparently really rare. I had looked up what I want online before hand- I am kind of in love with the angelfire-like website. I originally wanted the Barbecue Sundae (which I'm sure I'll get next time) but I went with another menu item you'll see below. 

I love the decoration of KC's- because it's the only location, and not a chain like Lucille's or Texas Roadhouse (which has the best free bread ON THE PLANET) it feels a lot more genuine. I had my prime lens with me, which is why there aren't any shots of a whole room. Well, that and I didn't want to get any other people in my pictures. 

My favorite license plate is 'KISS MY SS' (I miss my Camaro sometimes)

I have fallen in LOVE with their onion rings- they have the best batter, or something. I finished the whole basket by myself almost, it was so good. 

Jack is on a mission to find the best bacon cheese fries- he gives KC's a 7/10. His main beef (lol) is with the bacon- it was real bacon which is a plus, but it was not cooked to crunchy perfection, and was pretty sparse. He also felt the fries were a bit undercooked. However, he does say that most times he has been there they are perfection and 10/10 status. We normally go at non-peak times. 

Jack got the two choice chicken and ribs- the ribs were PERFECT. He went through them super fast. This is his normal order, and he did feel the chicken was a slightly overcooked, in contrast to every other time he's been there where it's been PERFECT. 

I had a basic sausage with dirty rice, a side of chili and cornbread. I loved the sausage and dirty rice. Mostly used the chili to dip my corn bread, which was PERFECT. :)

 We will definitely be returning to KC's Rib Shack. Probably at non-peak times! The service is great, the food is wonderful if you're in the mood for barbecue, and the prices are really really good. (Dinner for five with appetizers and some ordering large plates was a little over $100.)

If you are traveling in Manchester I would recommend checking out KC's Rib Shack! When I travel I like to find one-of-a-kind places, and I think this is an authentic barbecue place with some really great flair. (I love their Apple Tree Slatha when I get ribs.)
KC's Rib Shack Barbecue on Urbanspoon

things to remind me of home

1 2 3 4 5 6

Every so often I like to go through etsy and find things that scream I AM HOME. I am not about subtle influences at all. I may have to pick up that sweatshirt now

Waiting for Jack to get home! We decided to plan out our meal this week and it went over pretty well! I'll probably expand on this later with pictures- I've had to move them onto an external, and I'm not usually at my desk so I go along time between uploading/editing. I am starting to get a teensy bit better about taking photos that aren't of cats at least. :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Happy Friday!

instagram and life lately

From left to right, by row:
1) Lush 'So White' bath bomb. I received this for Christmas, and really liked it. I was told by the SA to throw it in the tub/break it open, which I did, but I don't think it really added to the experience. I liked the scent, but not enough to make me want to repurchase. I continue my search for the perfect bath bomb!

2) Just a picture of me- I've been really into maiden braids the past few weeks. I have somewhat long hair, and this has been a really fun way to style it. I'll usually make 2 braids on each side and flip over. Pinterest hair pins are converting me!

3) Random sky shot on the way into work last week.

4) Lush Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask. I picked this up the last time I was at Lush. I really liked it, but I don't think I used it thickly enough until I was nearing the end of the tub haha. I really loved this mask, and noticed a huge difference after I used it. I think I would prefer a more exfoliating mask. Next time!

5) Petra bein' cute. Aaaaaaw~

6) Mine and Jack's name cards from Christmas dinner. :) I feel very lucky to have had Jack's family welcome me this holiday season.

7) A picture I took looking out the window at work!

8) The best coffee. How did I live without thee? I went to get gas at a station which had a Green Mountain Coffee sign at the window, but the coffee side was all closed down. It was a sad spot on a nice Saturday morning.

9) Neat tap handle over at the Manchester British Beer Company! We really like their food- and their wide selection of beer. I thought it was fantastic that they actually put real blueberries in my already blueberry beery. 

Jack and I are watching The West Wing! When I saw it on Netflix I knew it was destiny- I will finally have a buddy to watch this show with me! So great.

I think  I am holding well with my resolutions so far. I wrote them on a nice sheet of paper, framed it, and put it on top of my dresser so I'll notice it at least once every day.

Photo dump thursday!

My presentation went as well as it could have! I wasn't speaking, but 3 of our VPs and the company president were! I was in charge of all the A/V, and consolidating the presentations. The biggest problem was one group RSVP'd for 5, brought 15 attendees. When one of my superiors mentioned it my face must've fallen aaaaaaall over the floor. My boss did say that everything went great and I deserved a drink hahaha. (I will be having some delicious japanese hibachi tomorrow to congratulate myself as I am waaaay too self-indulgent.)

Below are some recent pictures - I'm not as happy with these as I have been with some of my other shots lately, but I need to keep sharing. It motivates me to take more and better! Hopefully now that the meeting is over I'll be a little less single minded.

Out in the snow! Ignore the cars in the background, please! Hahahaha. Coat is a Columbia 3 layer jacket I found at TJ Maxx. Pants are sweats because they were lined. Hair is in milk maid braids which I've been super into lately. 

Giant thing next to the window is one of our cat trees- Scritchie likes to perch on the top level to look out the window. 

Snow. Blegh.

More snow more blegh.

Finally hung the prints we got from Harshness! I picked up the frames from Hobby Lobby for ~$7/each. 11x17 frames are so hard to find. :(

This one is over Jack's side of the couch. :)

Super-glued some paper to the lid of my 'Good 2013 Memories Jar' that I through together after reading Scathingly Brilliant's post going through her 2012 Jar. It has one memory in it so far! But there will be more. I think it has something to do with cats, which isn't that surprising. 

Me looking all creepy at Petra. I started this post off with a cute picture of me, figure I can end it with a bad one hahaha. :)
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far! Anyone have great plans for the weekend that I can borrow?

Journal Jar #002

And we're back!

Random light from a bar. I wonder if they change the figures inside every season? (This is totally a great excuse to go back to the bar.)

What are you looking forward to the most?

Right now? The big meeting I've been working on for a few weeks to be over. We have about 20 external people coming in, and I'm still putting the final touches on things.... If all goes as planned I will be so happy. I just want it to be over so I can come home and enjoy a bath bomb without thinking oh god I forgot x. y. z. and these are all the ways they will destroy everything. Keeps me up at night! Last night at least.

In the long term, there are lots of things I am looking forward to. Taking my first near-perfect picture. My first snowball fight and snowman. The first time I go back home since my move. The trip home after that. The next time I get to eat a Disneyland churro.

There are lots of things I am looking forward to, but the most?

I am looking forward to that next quiet, calm moment where I am at peace, free of stress and anxiety because I'll finally be ahead of all my personal projects. It'll totally happen soon.

Journal Jar Series
In an earlier post, I talked about creating my own journal jar. As I add prompts, and complete others in my personal journal I will be sharing some responses here. Please feel free to add your own responses to the questions, or borrow for your own post!