Random etsy favorites

2Hi all,

I've been really low on funds lately (apparently I can apply my numbers addiction to saving rather than spending?) so I've been stalking etsy for things that I wish to add to my life.... You can follow me on etsy here. I love following other users and stealing wishlist items from them! Here are some of my recent favorite shoes, accessories and clothing items:


Leather, suede, etc... and then shiny and leggings? Not sure where that came from! I have really been loving moccasins and ballet flats the past few weeks - not sure if I'm just yearning for spring while wanting to stay cozy or what. With the leather bracelet, I have been wanting a good wrap bracelet for a while, but never picked one up. I usually don't wear jewelry outside of a ring I got from Jack last year for my birthday. Dress is adorbs and would make me feel like a ballerina, and the leggings have a cat with antlers. So neat! (I love everything with cats, apparently)



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