Instagram lately

I thought it would be neat to throw htis up here... The past few months have been pretty regular. I've settled into a routine I'm not sure if I'm happy with? These photos go from present (at the top) to I think the beginning of March... Lately we've had more outings, and things to do at work (Service day, outing to Bobby of Boston), and before it was just routine and mundane things that I recorded. Hopefully I can move towards adding in more fun activities! 

On Sunday, Jack and I went to North Conway for dinner because we felt the need for a small journey haha. I had the most dissapointing zumba class that morning, and to cheer me up we drove three hours for a steak. and lobster mac and cheese! My mac and cheese was AMAZING. I had ~*~*Maine lobster*~*~* mac and cheese while I was out in California, but this time it was super fresh! I did not know I was a such a lobster fan. 


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