Today in my continued pursuit of 'time management skills'

I read this article on Fast Company a few days ago - 'How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance'. At first, I didn't really feel it applied to me as I have a very structured day- I wake up early, work 8:00 - 4:30, work out 30 minutes to an hour, and am in bed by 9:30. Well, not quite Mr. Rogers scheduled, I guess.
Clearly, under the kitchen sink is not a great place. 

Either way! I took her format, and put my own schedule into it. In the process, I kind of forgot the 'Top 3 priorities' part, but I really like looking at my days and week this way. Every part needs a little push, some fun, fitness, and to get shit done!

I think this kind of format will help me to stop getting so overwhelmed all the time, and thinking that every day is 'work'. I enjoy my work! I enjoy working out, which has felt a bit like a chore lately! I enjoy reaching out to people, even though that's all 'push' stuff for me right now. I need to finish filling in some of these spaces....

What do you use to stay on top of things? I have been going through new time organization things a lot lately, and love reading others methods and incorporating them into my own. If anyones interested, I can go into my work organization. :)


  1. Lovely blog :)
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