My workout schedule/routine

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my fitness routine. Right now I'm working on becoming certified as a Les Mills Bodycombat Instructor! Ever since I took the class, I wanted to be in the front encouraging others. Today I got to team-teach a little bit, and it was exhilarating. (I talked a bit about the module training here.) Having the mic on, and just launching myself into the routine was a ton of fun. I am preparing to team-teach on Tuesday, and I will be instructing tracks 1 - 5!

  1. Warmup - Back In Time / Call Me Maybe
  2. Capoiera - Bad Girls
  3. Boxing - It's Time To Go
  4. MMA - Firestarter
  5. Boxing - We No Speak Americano
Woo! I have 1, 2, and 5 pretty much down but 3 and 4 are a bit intimidating. For 3, I still have post it notes up for my reps in on the wall behind the TV! (I know what I'm listening to in the car for the next few days...)

Since starting this mini-project I have noticed a total change in my body. I do work out a ton, so it's to be expected, but still surprising. I generally practice BC 5x a week for an hour, and do zumba or bodypump on the other day so I don't get burnt out. I spend my rest day scripting out and practicing my verbal cues in tracks. I've found it best if I do everything after work. I get home, put on my workout gear and gloves, and turn the living room of our one bedroom into my own little cardio center!

I hope that by June, I'm able to settle into a workout routine that looks like this:
S - Teach BC
M - Rest
T - BC? Weights?
W - Bodypump
T - Zumba
F - Bodypump
S - Teach BC

I want to get my Bodypump certification at some point as well. I think after BC, I can learn anything! Except maybe step. Step is killer.



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