Instagram, October 2012

The 93 South//Delicious Angry Orchard Hard Cider//BodyPump at my new gym!!
Fall leaves! It was my first time with foliage//Saw PA4 (wrote a review)//Gorgeous house cat Scritchie
Boyfriend's Honda VTX 1800//More foliage!!//Dr. Pussums Cat Nip for Scritchie :)

October was a huge month for me- I moved across the country, to New Hampshire, and have set up my life here. My job search continues (had a great interview earlier this week), I've seen some stuff that could actually qualify as weather, and had to adjust to tiny tiny apartment washer machines. They're absolutely terrible, and insanely expensive. 
Above are some of my instagram pictures from this month, you can follow me on instagram at stephanieinnh
Looking at the forecast, we may be getting snow soon! I am always on the lookout for snow in the weather projections b/c this will be my first time living in it. I'm not sure if I'm terribly excited or just terrified!

Live United States Wind Map!

There is a live wind map over at Hint.Fm, very interesting and beautiful
Jack and I will be going out in a bit to check if there was any crazy storm damage. edit: there wasn't. yay!

Hurricane Sandy in NH, the beginning

Oak tree that came down about 10 feet in front of this house. Weakest oak tree, luckiest house!

I'm still here!

One of my mantra's keeping me together with this hurricane and some other life events: If Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through today!
It's just started raining here, but nothing too bad. Thought I heard thunder, but it was just a plane or a truck. The plane noise is standing out a lot to me now! Jack and I live by the local airport, and Air Force 1 seems to use it a lot. Almost every time I notice a plane, I will later notice pictures/news of President Obama somewhere in NH. Most recently it was his visit to Nashua.
Which also reminds me- one of my favorite things about New Hampshire is that you can register to vote on election day. This is super exciting for me, as I did not get the paperwork needed to establish residency here until very recently, and I was not sure if I'd be able to vote on 11/6. But! I will be able to. Jack got our local polling place, so I will be going with him. 
I have never felt politics quite like I do here before. Being in a swing state makes me feel like some kind of courted princess haha. I can only imagine what people in Ohio feel like! There was a great skit about this on the Daily Show:

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In other parts of my life- I have a job interview today! I am very excited about this one and have been preparing non-stop haha. I will not let this Hurricane get in my way today! 

Hurricane Sandy

Originally from CNBC.Com
I am getting ready for my first storm! I've been seeing a bunch of articles on the Frankenstorm which will most likely be hitting us Sunday and feel the need to prepare. Sadly, one of the closest Wal-Mart's is reportedly out of flash lights already. :( Over at TheWeatherChannel they have an inventory list for a Disaster Supply Kit, which I'm pretty sure we don't have much of. Luckily we are less than a mile away from the airport, and about a mile and a half from a hospital in the opposite direction so our power, if it goes out, will be one of the first grids up. (One of the last big storms, Jack's power was up in two days. His fathers, who lives about 5 miles away, was up in ~30.)
Part of me is kind of excited- this will possibly my first experience with ~~WEATHER~~ that everyone has been warning me about.
Two days ago Jack told me this probably won't be anything. Now he's talking about it being super intense, hopefully just to freak me out a bit. Thank god I am not a child and this will not ruin my Halloween.

Getting our kitchen "well-stocked"

Picture Originally from Closet-Solutions
One of mine and Jack's struggles after moving in together has been diet planning. Back when I was at home, between my mom and I it was super easy to have veggies, fruit, or salads on hand and just about everything we ate was extremely healthy. Moving into what has always been a place of "vacation diet" has been a bit difficult! Both Jack and I are starting to break out of vacation diet-y mode (for him, bachelor diet) and moving towards cooking at home, and eating less food that comes directly out of a package.
One of the resources we used to help stock our pantry is the Well-Stocked Kitchen list over at FeastOnTheCheap.Com. I like how their recipes work- making sure you have a good base built up in order to make cheaper, well rounded recipes.

Jack is the cook here- I am merely an assistant, and he always asks me for recipes so I've been going pretty crazy with Pinterest lately getting recipes saved. I think having a good kitchen will really help me get over just saying "oh, we don't have that"- Jack keeps trying to break me out of this habit. Partially because I limit myself, and partially because he can't make cool stuff.

Some other great sources I've found for kitchen stocking tips:

As I'm getting more used to googling, and searching out what I look for it's been like a gold mine finding resources on all these websites and blogs. 20 years ago I would've been at the library every day checking out organization books!

What is the most important item in your pantry or kitchen?

More about schedules!

To follow up on my last bit of disorganized rambling, I think I found exactly what I was looking for on this post at Design Finch entitled Sunday Planning. I'm thinking of using some of the templates found to make my own, but finding this has really helped me out!

Daily Intentions

I have noticed that I hate not having a schedule, or a list of things to do. Well, I might not hate it, but I really dislike how... adrift I get. I will lay in bed until 10, doing nothing, or just sit on my computer all day without noticing how much time is passing. This had been happening for the past week or so, and I had to take action! I know this is like a "daily objectives" list, but that makes it all seem like something I must do, so instead this is my daily intentions list.  It's okay if one thing gets pushed to the next day.

One of my inspirations to start doing this was an article (which I will post here when I find it!) where the author explained that to make every day special, you need to work for it. (If anyone knows what blog post this is, please link it to me! Or any in this vein for that matter~) On Monday I set up a list of "Daily Intentions"- a mix of to-do ideas from blogposts, unfuck your habitat, and just crap I want to get done. Sometimes I'll also block out time on my calendar (such as going to Michaels today to get a few things for my Price is Right name tags.)

What I try to do everyday:

  • Apply to five jobs- this is the hardest for me, as right now I generally cannot find 5 jobs that I feel comfortable applying for, or I'll find 6+ jobs in a day to apply to. 
  • Wash face morning/night. Even though I generally do this when I brush my teeth it's easy for me to walk away and never get back to the bathroom. I also list whatever extra beauty regimen task I will be doing i.e. face mask or pore strips.
  • Speak to a friend or family member on the phone- this has been really helpful for me to write down. Having just moved across the country, my unscheduled lethargy was getting to the point hwere it was 8 or 9 at night and I'd think to myself "did I call anyone today? Did I call my mom?" Having this written down to cross off reminds me to stay in contact with my family, even if it's only for mundane things.
  • Come up with 3 blog post ideas! I like making a post daily, and I don't want to be sitting at my laptop struggling for a decent idea. This way I will have a large pool of post ideas to use.
  • Dishes should be cleared! Jack and I have an extremely small kitchen for all of the items we share. We haven't quite mastered kitchen organization at this point, but if I keep the dishes in the cupboards, dishwasher and out of the sink it is a lot easier to function in that room. I will not leave dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Get my coffee ready for the next morning- I set my coffee maker to start at 8 AM to help me get out of bed. If it's not there waiting for me, and I have no reason to get up other than preventing a caffeine headache later in the afternoon I will not get out of bed. 
  • Take a gym class (weekdays)
I am sure that as I keep using this system it will get refined, and prettier. I've been looking at stationary sellers on etsy and other sites (I will revisit this later with my findings!) to see if I could have a notepad made with my daily tasks on each page where I can just write in the date and extra tasks for the day. It would be great to have a pad I could carry with me, small enough for my purse but large enough to be comfortable with, where I could doodle in the edges and write notes.

Does anyone have a personal to-do list system they use? I love reading about other people's scheduling methods. :)

The first awkward moment in my job search

A big part of moving to a new state has been my job search. I have a few years of work experience, retail, marketing, and other administrative duties. I try to apply to 3-5 jobs a day, and like to look at any response I get as interview experience first, rather than concentrate on an offer. I have had a few responses, and one scam!

Picture from 7 Worst Things About Job Interviews @ Glassdoor
I almost feel I should've known- there were spelling errors all over the posting (on Craigslist!) and the salary was in the first two sentences. I was well suited for the job description (sales assistant), so I was kind of thrown that when I got to the office to meet with the manager the job description he gave me was totally opposite. It went from assisting a team and doing area research, to being placed in an environment where I would be doing marketing (not sales! never sales!). The project shown to me as their highlight also wasn't appealing. At all. I did enjoy the interview experience- all the questions were very generic and my answers were good (I did get called back for a second round), however the job was not what I had applied for, and not what I want to do- selling cabinet treatments at Home Depot.

Dear whoever wrote that job posting,
Please be honest about what you're wanting. Your time was wasted, and I managed to get something out of the experience even though you misled me. I am sure that people would love to learn how to market a product where they would be given a position in a store straight from training- not get lured into an interview by a job posting for a completely different position. I'm sure they'd love it even more if you managed to not misspell half your listing.
The girl who did not call back

If anyone has tips for the job search I would love to hear! Right now I have a few cover letter forms which I tailor depending on the job, and one or two resumes which present information differently. I am using Indeed.Com, Monster, and the local newspaper to ferret out roles which I am suited for. I did just get a response from a company I would love to work with for an initial phone interview, so hopefully good news keeps coming.

Finally! I am an official resident of New Hampshire!

It has been about three weeks, and today Jack and I were able to go get my New Hampshire license! I was really surprised by how fast everything was- I am used to extremely long DMV lines where it takes an hour to make sure your forms are right, and then another hour to actually see someone for processing. California is crazy. 

In New Hampshire, to establish residency you need something as simple as a utility bill with your name on it! So once Jack and I got that in we rushed straight over with the bill and other forms of ID. After I put on make up. And did a semi-decent job with my hair. We were probably in line for 6 minutes (Jack was a placeholder while I filled out some paper work- registered organ donor, woop woop!) before I was told that I had actually managed to bring all the right paperwork and fill my form out correctly. About 3 people in front of us had to go back and redo stuff, or were told they didn't have the correct paperwork which amazes me. Well, the not completing of forms at least. It's there! On the paper! How to fill the thing out!

We only had to wait another 6 minutes ago before they were able to scan everything confirming my identity, and give me my temporary ID, seen above. I was really worried I would have to carry around my passport to be able to order all the pumpkin beer my body can handle but there's actually a picture on the thing! Amazing!

My permanent ID should be here in less that 60 days. Sadly, I had to give up my new and fancy CA ID which I'd wanted for so long. For the redesign!

Angle Pond, October 21, 2012

Visited a member of my New Hampshire family today! My boyfriends grandmother owns a house on Angle Pond (which is actually a lake!) about half an hour away from us. We went over for dinner, which was marvelously marinated steak, some broiled haddock, squash, potatoes and lots of apple related food items. I took some pictures off the back of the house, overlooking the lake which you can see under the cut. But first, here's my gorgeous mug!

My week with TV! 10/14/12 - 10/20/12

This week with TV!! Since I've moved to God's time zone (east coast best coast) I am not as bad about looking up spoilers. One of our purchases when I got here was a new TV and a WDTV LiveHub, which has made it super easy to stream movies and tv from our computers to the living room. I'll post a review on that later, and behind the cut I've posted some ramblings about the shows I've watched this week.
I tend to DVR everything so giant posts it is!

Saturday Caturday!

Scritchie, who I keep leaving my new furniture boxes around for. So he can be a kitty ninja.

Late Fall Foliage in NH!

I have been really bad about actually bothering to head out and take pictures, so when the boyfriend and I realized it was 70 degrees outside we jumped at the chance to take my camera out. We took his motorcycle around Lake Massabesic which is near our apartment. Sadly, we have missed the peak foliage this year so the trees are duller, many have lost their leaves and I simply don't have enough skill with my camera yet. One of these things will hopefully fix soon! More pictures are under the break~