Daily Intentions

I have noticed that I hate not having a schedule, or a list of things to do. Well, I might not hate it, but I really dislike how... adrift I get. I will lay in bed until 10, doing nothing, or just sit on my computer all day without noticing how much time is passing. This had been happening for the past week or so, and I had to take action! I know this is like a "daily objectives" list, but that makes it all seem like something I must do, so instead this is my daily intentions list.  It's okay if one thing gets pushed to the next day.

One of my inspirations to start doing this was an article (which I will post here when I find it!) where the author explained that to make every day special, you need to work for it. (If anyone knows what blog post this is, please link it to me! Or any in this vein for that matter~) On Monday I set up a list of "Daily Intentions"- a mix of to-do ideas from blogposts, unfuck your habitat, and just crap I want to get done. Sometimes I'll also block out time on my calendar (such as going to Michaels today to get a few things for my Price is Right name tags.)

What I try to do everyday:

  • Apply to five jobs- this is the hardest for me, as right now I generally cannot find 5 jobs that I feel comfortable applying for, or I'll find 6+ jobs in a day to apply to. 
  • Wash face morning/night. Even though I generally do this when I brush my teeth it's easy for me to walk away and never get back to the bathroom. I also list whatever extra beauty regimen task I will be doing i.e. face mask or pore strips.
  • Speak to a friend or family member on the phone- this has been really helpful for me to write down. Having just moved across the country, my unscheduled lethargy was getting to the point hwere it was 8 or 9 at night and I'd think to myself "did I call anyone today? Did I call my mom?" Having this written down to cross off reminds me to stay in contact with my family, even if it's only for mundane things.
  • Come up with 3 blog post ideas! I like making a post daily, and I don't want to be sitting at my laptop struggling for a decent idea. This way I will have a large pool of post ideas to use.
  • Dishes should be cleared! Jack and I have an extremely small kitchen for all of the items we share. We haven't quite mastered kitchen organization at this point, but if I keep the dishes in the cupboards, dishwasher and out of the sink it is a lot easier to function in that room. I will not leave dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Get my coffee ready for the next morning- I set my coffee maker to start at 8 AM to help me get out of bed. If it's not there waiting for me, and I have no reason to get up other than preventing a caffeine headache later in the afternoon I will not get out of bed. 
  • Take a gym class (weekdays)
I am sure that as I keep using this system it will get refined, and prettier. I've been looking at stationary sellers on etsy and other sites (I will revisit this later with my findings!) to see if I could have a notepad made with my daily tasks on each page where I can just write in the date and extra tasks for the day. It would be great to have a pad I could carry with me, small enough for my purse but large enough to be comfortable with, where I could doodle in the edges and write notes.

Does anyone have a personal to-do list system they use? I love reading about other people's scheduling methods. :)


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