I'm still here!

One of my mantra's keeping me together with this hurricane and some other life events: If Britney can make it through 2007, I can make it through today!
It's just started raining here, but nothing too bad. Thought I heard thunder, but it was just a plane or a truck. The plane noise is standing out a lot to me now! Jack and I live by the local airport, and Air Force 1 seems to use it a lot. Almost every time I notice a plane, I will later notice pictures/news of President Obama somewhere in NH. Most recently it was his visit to Nashua.
Which also reminds me- one of my favorite things about New Hampshire is that you can register to vote on election day. This is super exciting for me, as I did not get the paperwork needed to establish residency here until very recently, and I was not sure if I'd be able to vote on 11/6. But! I will be able to. Jack got our local polling place, so I will be going with him. 
I have never felt politics quite like I do here before. Being in a swing state makes me feel like some kind of courted princess haha. I can only imagine what people in Ohio feel like! There was a great skit about this on the Daily Show:

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In other parts of my life- I have a job interview today! I am very excited about this one and have been preparing non-stop haha. I will not let this Hurricane get in my way today! 


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