Instagram, October 2012

The 93 South//Delicious Angry Orchard Hard Cider//BodyPump at my new gym!!
Fall leaves! It was my first time with foliage//Saw PA4 (wrote a review)//Gorgeous house cat Scritchie
Boyfriend's Honda VTX 1800//More foliage!!//Dr. Pussums Cat Nip for Scritchie :)

October was a huge month for me- I moved across the country, to New Hampshire, and have set up my life here. My job search continues (had a great interview earlier this week), I've seen some stuff that could actually qualify as weather, and had to adjust to tiny tiny apartment washer machines. They're absolutely terrible, and insanely expensive. 
Above are some of my instagram pictures from this month, you can follow me on instagram at stephanieinnh
Looking at the forecast, we may be getting snow soon! I am always on the lookout for snow in the weather projections b/c this will be my first time living in it. I'm not sure if I'm terribly excited or just terrified!


  1. good luck with your job search!! i hope you get the job you interviewed for. october does sound like it was a huge month for you!

    1. Thank you! I should be getting a call back in a next few days about the next stage, so fingers crossed here :)
      I'm hoping for an even better November!