Hurricane Sandy

Originally from CNBC.Com
I am getting ready for my first storm! I've been seeing a bunch of articles on the Frankenstorm which will most likely be hitting us Sunday and feel the need to prepare. Sadly, one of the closest Wal-Mart's is reportedly out of flash lights already. :( Over at TheWeatherChannel they have an inventory list for a Disaster Supply Kit, which I'm pretty sure we don't have much of. Luckily we are less than a mile away from the airport, and about a mile and a half from a hospital in the opposite direction so our power, if it goes out, will be one of the first grids up. (One of the last big storms, Jack's power was up in two days. His fathers, who lives about 5 miles away, was up in ~30.)
Part of me is kind of excited- this will possibly my first experience with ~~WEATHER~~ that everyone has been warning me about.
Two days ago Jack told me this probably won't be anything. Now he's talking about it being super intense, hopefully just to freak me out a bit. Thank god I am not a child and this will not ruin my Halloween.


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