From California to New Hampshire!

Good Afternoon~

Earlier this month I relocated to New Hampshire!
Random picture of TREES I took at the White Mountains

I flew on Virgin America from LAX to Boston-Logan airport, saying goodbye to my parents at the airport. (This hasn't really set in yet!)
Flying at night is the worst- nothing pretty to look at!
I moved in with my boyfriend, Jack and in the first week we did a large overhaul of our apartment. He wasn't really using the living room before, and we've made it a true living area! Well, at least a place where I can sit comfy and watch my favorite shows. :)

In my first week I got to do some fun things:
Got to pick veggies at a friends garden
This is my first time getting to see the actual leaf changing haha. Not surrounded by evergreens anymore!!

And lots of eating. I really miss my family a lot, and I am not sure when I'll be visiting them, or they will be visiting me. But hopefully this blog will help me show them even more of the day to day stuff that I do.
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