My week with TV! 10/14/12 - 10/20/12

This week with TV!! Since I've moved to God's time zone (east coast best coast) I am not as bad about looking up spoilers. One of our purchases when I got here was a new TV and a WDTV LiveHub, which has made it super easy to stream movies and tv from our computers to the living room. I'll post a review on that later, and behind the cut I've posted some ramblings about the shows I've watched this week.
I tend to DVR everything so giant posts it is!

The Vampire Diaries 4x02
This show continues to surprise me! For some reason I'd been putting off watching the latest episode even though it is amaaaazing. I love how this show can take typical tropes and rework them. I was a little worried for how Elena's transformation would be handled, but this episode was great, this season will be great and this is the best teen show.
Stefan/Elena forever, the lantern funerals were great  (Elena, don't go overboard on your lantern you drama queen) and this new hunter is a great starter villain and way, way better than evil!Alaric or more Klaus BS. I am a lot more excited for this season than I was after the first episode.

Once Upon a Time 2x03
I'm trying to get my boyfriend to watch this with me, but he keeps refusing. Apparently it does not satisfy the AU fan fiction need that I think is inside everyone who has ever watched a Disney movie.
Lancelot was spectacular, and I'm actually sad that it turned out to be Cora. While the show does have a ridiculously large cast they could've handled one more! Really!
Regina continues to be wonderful, Henry is slightly less terrible this season, Belle better dump Mr. Gold, and yay there's a new episode tonight!

Sons of Anarchy 5x06
This season continues to be terrible. It took 5/6 episodes to get the plot rolling, and Tig got over the horrible death of his daughter in what, a week? Seriously?? I don't know why Pope, or anyone, would want to work extensively with the Sons. Everything they do turns into a year of near death experiences, where they somehow manage to mess up near everything and Jax gets to wear a "this shit again?" face. Pope is way too similar to Gus (Breaking Bad) for me to be comfortable, and this continues to bug me.
I'll probably keep watching for Jimmy Smitt, and because if I stop watching I'll keep hearing "have you watched Sons of Anarchy yet?"

American Horror Story Asylum 2x01
I think this was the opening I'm most excited about. Ryan Murphy has great first seasons, so an anthology series? Perfect! Jessica Lange (Sister Jude) is a goddess, Evan Peters (Kit Walker) is still the most adorable, and I could actually stand Adam Levine (of The Lovers) so I think we're off to a great start. Ryan Murphy has described this as the Jessica Lange show which really translates to "this show is perfect and way better than the first season."
One of the upcoming episodes, I think the next one, will mostly be focusing on Sister Jude.
This may be the main show I make an effort to watch the day it's aired so I can avoid spoilers.

I'll be adding more shows to this each week!


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