Finally! I am an official resident of New Hampshire!

It has been about three weeks, and today Jack and I were able to go get my New Hampshire license! I was really surprised by how fast everything was- I am used to extremely long DMV lines where it takes an hour to make sure your forms are right, and then another hour to actually see someone for processing. California is crazy. 

In New Hampshire, to establish residency you need something as simple as a utility bill with your name on it! So once Jack and I got that in we rushed straight over with the bill and other forms of ID. After I put on make up. And did a semi-decent job with my hair. We were probably in line for 6 minutes (Jack was a placeholder while I filled out some paper work- registered organ donor, woop woop!) before I was told that I had actually managed to bring all the right paperwork and fill my form out correctly. About 3 people in front of us had to go back and redo stuff, or were told they didn't have the correct paperwork which amazes me. Well, the not completing of forms at least. It's there! On the paper! How to fill the thing out!

We only had to wait another 6 minutes ago before they were able to scan everything confirming my identity, and give me my temporary ID, seen above. I was really worried I would have to carry around my passport to be able to order all the pumpkin beer my body can handle but there's actually a picture on the thing! Amazing!

My permanent ID should be here in less that 60 days. Sadly, I had to give up my new and fancy CA ID which I'd wanted for so long. For the redesign!


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