The first awkward moment in my job search

A big part of moving to a new state has been my job search. I have a few years of work experience, retail, marketing, and other administrative duties. I try to apply to 3-5 jobs a day, and like to look at any response I get as interview experience first, rather than concentrate on an offer. I have had a few responses, and one scam!

Picture from 7 Worst Things About Job Interviews @ Glassdoor
I almost feel I should've known- there were spelling errors all over the posting (on Craigslist!) and the salary was in the first two sentences. I was well suited for the job description (sales assistant), so I was kind of thrown that when I got to the office to meet with the manager the job description he gave me was totally opposite. It went from assisting a team and doing area research, to being placed in an environment where I would be doing marketing (not sales! never sales!). The project shown to me as their highlight also wasn't appealing. At all. I did enjoy the interview experience- all the questions were very generic and my answers were good (I did get called back for a second round), however the job was not what I had applied for, and not what I want to do- selling cabinet treatments at Home Depot.

Dear whoever wrote that job posting,
Please be honest about what you're wanting. Your time was wasted, and I managed to get something out of the experience even though you misled me. I am sure that people would love to learn how to market a product where they would be given a position in a store straight from training- not get lured into an interview by a job posting for a completely different position. I'm sure they'd love it even more if you managed to not misspell half your listing.
The girl who did not call back

If anyone has tips for the job search I would love to hear! Right now I have a few cover letter forms which I tailor depending on the job, and one or two resumes which present information differently. I am using Indeed.Com, Monster, and the local newspaper to ferret out roles which I am suited for. I did just get a response from a company I would love to work with for an initial phone interview, so hopefully good news keeps coming.


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