BackOnPointe November Workout Calendar!

About a year ago I grew unhappy with my body, and self-medicated with ice cream. It took me a few weeks to stop that behavior and realize that I couldn't lose weight just by deciding to- I had to put a lot more effort in. Over the course of about... a year, I lost around 30 pounds total (from my high weight to my low weight), and about 6 months ago I joined a gym. The gym is my faaaaavorite.

 I was always the kid in PE who was miserable, walked every mile, hated sports, disliked sweating so it was a real shocker for me that I love the gym so much. I had to leave my gym and all my favorite instructors and gym buddies (love you mom!) when I moved, and it took me a few weeks to join up again. I am able to afford a gym pass due to savings and deciding that it was an investment that I would need to make for my own happiness, because group excercise classes are probably the #1 thing in my fitness regimine. So, I was going to the gym, doing my bodypump, and body combat- then Hurricane Sandy came!

While I never lost power, the roads are blocked every which way and I had to miss a few classes because I didn't want to drive 30 miles and get lost to get to my gym which is 5 miles away.

I was looking at the fitness section on Pinterest (follow me here!) when I kept seeing a bunch of workout routines from the tumblr BackOnPointe! I'm glad I found this at the end of the month when her workout calendar was right at the top of her page, because this has reenergized me!
This is the calendar that I will be using- there are also calendar's for students, beginners, and standard.
On the BoP: November post, she also links to the workouts that she's created which you can select from. For Saturday, I'll probably be doing Dancer's Legs Workout and One Room HIIT. Hopefully today and Friday I'll be able to make it to BodyCombat and BodyPump. I will also be doing some yoga everyday- last night I did the poses in this Yoga For the Splits post on FitnessLoveAffair Tumblr, which I'll probably be sticking to for a while.

I plan on using this calendar as a supplement to my gym going- I have gained weight, and let my diet go a bit out of control so I hope by giving myself a better schedule things will get easier.

How do you stay on track every week? What keeps you motivated?


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