Neil deGrasse Tyson

is amazing. Is so, so amazing. Jack and I like to marathon his specials every so often and get excited, yet bitter that we don't get to live in space! Which really has nothing to do with this post.
DC is doing this awesome issue, which i found out about through iO9 where Neil deGrasse Tyson helps Superman with some astrophysics because while Superman is an alien superhero, Tyson is like a space God with an awesome Dumbledore vest.

I haven't really been to a comic book store since I stopped working at one, but I may stop by my lcs to pick up Action Comics #14. You can find out more on the star Tyson chose Krypton to be orbiting here, at the Discover Magazine blog. 

If you like space, and used to love Bill Nye or any kind of science program, you should head over to Netflix and watch some Nova scienceNOW. It's a great show, lots of complicated subjects where people do not seem to be talking to the lowest common denominator. Check it out. :)

Also, GO VOTE!


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