~*~*~*La Caretta Mexican Restaurant*~*~*~

For my one month in New Hampshire anniversary, I went to La Carreta Mexican Restaurant with a few friends And we had margaritas. Lots of margaritas.

Mango Margarita as big as my head! (not pictured- my previous margarita)

I was really happy with their food. We got the normal chips and house salsa fare- the salsa was not my favorite but still pretty good. I got my normal staple, beef chimichangas. I did not take a picture of my food. :( I was a little let down by their portion sizes, and the lack of rice. My actual chimichangas though? DELICIOUS. Jack ordered a burrito with just chicken, beef and cheese it was so puny on his plate! Also, the plates here? When they say hot, they mean HOT. First time in my life that I got burned after they told me not to touch it. Yelp reviews agree!

The staff was fantastic, drinks were deliciously strong- I will be going back. 
I think I want to rate mexican restaurants on a scale of 5 Super-Mex, the best mexican restaurant. I will give La Caretta 3.5 Super-Mex. A good score- the food was authentic, but as I said before I was surprised by the portion size. 

The next place I've been told to check out for mexican food is in Woburn, I think Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant?


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