Scritchie a few days ago, being curious. 

I've been strangely absent today- Jack says I've been listless.

One of the places I applied for this morning called me back! I have an interview tomorrow, and hopefully it goes well. Waiting to hear back from the interview I did last monday still, but they did close down about for Sandy an hour after my interview so I imagine things are still somewhat hectic.

After my interview Jack and I are going to go get him an outfit for his in-person interview on Wednesday. He had a phone interview today which went very well. (Jack is already employed, but has been looking for a better opportunity.)

Some things that have kept me motivated:

  1. my schedule! I have blogged about this before, and now that I'm being better about it my days are laid out pretty well. I have noticed an improvement in my diet, exercise routine, and ability to get shit done!
  2. I am already seeing positives now that I am back on the workout wagon. I think I'm overly bloated though, so tomorrow I'm going to try this lemon diuretic which I saw over on Skinny Confidential. I didn't make it to Body Step today, like I wanted to (my calves are super tight, I can't even touch my toes!) but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to make it to Body Combat, or I'll do some arm/chest exercises. 
  3. Pop music! I've really been loving Robyn, mainly her album Body Talk. Time Machine & Be Mine = Love forever~~.

Tomorrow I will have a lot more direction to my day, so tonight I'm going to spoil myself with my favorite tea and get lots of beauty sleep.



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    1. Me too! I heard Konichiwa Bitches a few years ago and have been in love ever since. Best pop music in the world imo.