weekend update: after the storm

We didn't lose power! Yay! I ended up sleeping for 11 hours last night- so I didn't get to see any heavy snow or hear the 'howling wind'. Jack was up until 12 or so and reported back to me. I've gone through a part of one of my action items for the weekend - looking at some of the photos I've taken!

Petraaaa. I have about 30 pictures of her sitting on top of the stool she's fallen in love with. 

I love this cute post card that I got from Lush! I sadly did not make it to their party, which was today, and I'm kind of sad! I hope I can get to one of their events. I always love the experience I have in their stores. This is actually Jack's dresser mirror- I usually just put things in it. The bottom is a photo of my brother, mom and I when we went to Disneyland in the early nineties, and the top is a heart I found... somewhere. :(

What the top of my dresser looks like right now- messy. You can see my resolutions frame, and my favorite candles. I picked up that bottle of Sily Underwear on my last trip to Lush and I love it - I either put it on myself or in my bed sheets. :) In the tin is my Wiccy massage bar - it smells strong, but I like it. I put it on after workouts (if I remember) or after showers when I feel sore. 

Earlier we dug out our cars, and had to drive to Jack's parents - their back chairs had been buried! Getting to see all the snow covered yards was really neat. 

Instagram pictures from the storm... If you follow me you've seen these today! My first snow angel, me getting ready to work out in the warmth of my apartment, and me outside. The snow came above my knees at some points. I'm glad we went out to clean off our cars though. :)

So, how is my list doing?
  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos (photos have been edited! some fillers have also been printed)
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager
  3. Do Kickboxing DVD! 
  4. Do Zumba DVD!
  5. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD!
  6. Do Yoga in general!
  7. Drink at least 3 cups of detox tea (Now thinking two pots is a bit overboard - changed to 3 cups)
  8. Eat my recommended calorie allowance (Staying somewhat good with this! Happy I am not going overboard at least..) 
  9. Complete my week-at-a-glance housekeeping items, including those I have missed Yay for 15 minute cleaning bursts!
  10. Organize my finances
  11. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
This has been a strange weekend so far- I usually only have two days, so having another day is so strange! I hope I am able to get through more tomorrow.



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