Oh weather channel, your social media ploy is so cute

So, that's happening!

I have the day off work tomorrow- the thought of driving in during a somewhat clear morning, then having to hope when I leave I'm not caught in a ton of snow at some point wasn't too appealing. It was a good week at work though. :) I was super productive.

I think I had an episode of SAD over the past few weeks - I gained some weight. I had no motivation to do anything and ate nothing but carbs. There is more too it than that, which led me to purchasing a phototherapy lamp. I've been using it consistently for about a week now and I feel it has been effective. I have also started working out more- this week I made it to Zumba and Caribbean Rhythm. As I'll possibly be snowed in the next few days, I plan on doing a few at home workouts and living on my yoga mat. :)

So here is the start of my list for the weekend!:

  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager (if you follow me on twitter, you have heard lots about the adventures of the USS Voyager crew)
  3. Do Kickboxing DVD!  13:27, 2/8
  4. Do Zumba DVD!
  5. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD!
  6. Do Yoga in general!
  7. Drink two pots of detox tea
  8. Eat my recommended calorie allowance
  9. Complete my week-at-a-glance housekeeping items, including those I have missed
  10. Organize my finances
  11. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
I have 72 hours for these items! I will be a bit disappointed if I do not complete them. :)



  1. Enjoy your snow day! I also have the day off so I'll be catching up on some reading and cleaning my room.

    Your weekend sounds super productive! You'll get everything done though!

  2. oh no! Maybe you are becoming vitamin d deficient? That happened to my friend when she moved up to San Francisco! I hope you are doing much better though!

  3. Oh man, you're watching Voyager? Following you on twitter now.