New adventures!

Kind of, not really. I'm not really going anywhere, or doing something I haven't done before - but still! There are new things on the horizon!

My gym,, sent out an email about 2 weeks ago saying they were sponsoring instructor training for one of my favorite classes, Les Mills BodyCombat in March and I signed up! Ever since I started going to the gym consistently last year, I wanted to become a fitness instructor. Dana, who taught a ton of classes at my old gym was a huge inspiration. Seeing her teach TKB, and Body Pump right after (yelling 'SINGLES!!!' at us with the most energy I've ever seen a person have) kept me motivated.

My goal with this is to get early morning BodyCombat classes going at one of the gyms in the chain - preferably 530 - 630 AM, 3 days a week. Their 630 PM time slots are already super full, so I think that's out, and I will have to work around my current work schedule.

Another goal I see myself focusing on, starting in April or so, is getting certified for TKB. There are no TKB classes in my current gym chain, and because there are no licensing fees for the facility, I would be able to do shorter sessions at our work gym.

The past few weeks I have been getting back in the gym, and stepping up my workouts. I was focusing on lots of cardio classes, but I will be trying to incorporate more BodyPump so I can build up my strength (especially chest and core oh my god)

I have also changed my calorie counting from being weight loss oriented, to focusing on maintenance. As I am getting ready to go through training in the next month, I need to get my body ready to be in what will most likely be the best physical shape I have been in my entire life, and I can't do that eating at a deficit.  I am having a few problems adjusting to this newfound ~*~*caloric freedom*~*~ (there was also a Friends and Family sale at Lindt hahaha) and I think I gained a few pounds, but realistically, I may have gained a pound at most, I have terrible control over my sodium intake right now, and my body is also retaining water because I haven't done a lot of resistance work for about 3 months. All my excuses, let me keep them!

Here is my workout/dinner plan for this week:

This usually gets changed up throughout the week, and I hope to start eating more fresh food. For breakfast, I normally have a bagel thin or yogurt. Lunch is a wrap, or if the cafeteria at work has something AMAZING I will splurge a bit. Last week I was spoiled with chicken marsala, beef risotto, and shrimp scampi. (We are so spoiled)

I will be posting about my instructor training/how my BodyCombat classes go over the next few weeks - I know some of my strengths and weaknesses in the class already, and hope to conquer the weaknesses as fast as possible.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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