shooting stars will leave a trail for me to fill with joy and sorrow

Took this on my iPhone (edited w/ vscocam) while trying to find a vintage shop- being downtown was really refreshing. I hope Jack and I are able to move into our dream apartment there this summer!

  1. Complete printing and placing of Project Life photos (photos have been printed! For at least two weeks! Now to do all my filler cards...)
  2. Finish Star Trek: Voyager
  3. Do Yoga Meltdown DVD! (lol I was so sore this morning, deleting this one.)
  4. Do Yoga in general!
  5. Drink at least 3 cups of detox tea 
  6. Eat my recommended calorie allowance  Grilled chicken and rice for dinner aw yeah. I'm going to save some for work tomorrow too.... 
  7. Organize my finances
  8. Take a luxurious bath with one of my bath bombs (and try out a bubble bar!)
  9. Zumba monday night! It's really relaxed, so I'll at least be active! 
  10. Fill out my week-at-a-glance for the coming week, with cleaning, exercise, and meal plans. 
I have been really productive this weekend - 3 days at home allowed me to get on top of everything but laundry. I hope I am able to carry this over into the following weeks. I am not sure when I'll get a free day again. (laundry is the worst here. the machines are tiny, it's 1.50 for a load on each, and there are 2 w/d sets for 20 apartments.) 

I am looking forward to the coming week! The song, dreamer, which I've linked below got me all excited for life again, and pushing forward and ahead. 

current songs: eisley - please & elizaveta - dreamer



  1. I wish I could say I had been productive this weekend!! Good for you! Awesome song <3